2 of Swords

25/03/2021 - It's time to put some thought into that balance between wants and needs, work and play, socialising and alone time. It's all about gaining and maintaining a balance in life that is sustainable and fulfilling.

16/01/2021 - Now is not the time to be stubborn and dig in. The way forward requires some flexibility and letting go of preconceived ideas of how things should be in some situation. Things previously dismissed may now be appropriate.

28/12/2020 - Some things are just hanging, not moving backwards but not moving forwards either. There is a need for patience as forcing an issue right now could set things to moving backwards instead of the forward motion you want. You will get your opportunity to make a positive difference.

12/03/2020 - For some people balance is finally coming in to play in some area that has been quite out of kilter lately. Things are becoming clear and the way forward is starting to appear. You can't push progress though so hang in there.

27/02/2020 - Events may have tipped you out of kilter a bit. Don't worry about that. Focus on current events and your role in them. It won't be long until you are able to set things right in your world again.

16/09/2019 - Bringing balance back into your life in some way is a priority for some of you. If you have to shed activities or people then do so without guilt. Sometimes it must be recognised that something has run its course and needs to end.

30/05/2019 - An accord of some kind has been reached. There may not be any action coming from this immediately but it is a positive step in the right direction.

17/02/2019 - You may be feeling a bit uncertain as to where something is really heading. Don't go jumping to conclusions based on your fears but rather, step back and wait for further developments.

15/01/2019 - Where there has been conflict in your life there will be the beginnings of peace. Where a situation has been stagnant for some time their will be movement. New things will start up and others will be resolved finally. 

22/12/2017 - If recent events have caused you to be emotionally out of kilter then what is happening now and over the next few months will being you back into emotional balance once again.

14/09/2017 - You are on the brink of something wonderful. Fears may arise but in reality you have nothing to fear. Everything is as it should be and over the coming weeks many things will be revealed to you which will build your confidence in your self and your future.

31/05/2017 - The past may come forward to give you a chance to bring balance into your life. Often we have to have various unconnected life experiences before we can make sense of something that happened a long time ago. Don't be surprised if you suddenly start making connections that make sense of things and bring you a sense of peace. 

26/03/2017 - Many people are in a flat stage where nothing seems to be moving forward. The good news is that new beginnings are coming and once things do get moving for you then it will be quite rapid movement.

08/11/2016 - Do not be concerned if things go quiet in some area that you are really wanting movement in. This is just a temporary slow down so that all the things that need to line up to bring success can do so. One day you will look back on this time and it will all make perfect sense.

21/07/2016 - If the lines of communication with someone or an organisation have stalled don't worry. You will soon get the information you need to get things moving again. If someone isn't answering your texts or messages just back off for awhile as there is a good reason for it and you will find out soon.

07/02/2016 - If you are facing a situation where neither party will give in on something and you are sure that what you want to do is the right thing in the long run then do not give in just so you can have some peace. You want a long term solution not a quick fix.

22/10/2015 - It may seem like things have come to a standstill but that is only on the surface. There is a lot that is happening in the lives of people who indirectly affect you. Be patient and you will see that those plans you have been putting together will be implemented and the timing will be perfect for you.

14/10/2015 - Things may well settle down for awhile which will give you a chance to adapt to any changes that have taken place, stake stock of your current situation and plan the next phase.

18/06/2015 - The most important thing at the moment is to either maintain a hard won balance or to put in the effort required to bring balance into some important part of your life. Have a look at everything to see what areas need attention and/or maintenance. Effort is required on your part. You can't make other people do anything they don't want to so focus on what you can do.

05/05/2014 - There is not a lot you can do at the moment to move things along. Everything is actually moving at the correct pace. Perhaps it is just not quick enough for your liking. Don't stress over the things that you cannot change or affect. Try to get involved in things that give you pleasure and allow you to forget anything that is weighing you down. Sometimes a break from something can be so refreshing that new insights and ideas start to flow.