2 of Cups

15/03/2021 -  Some things you thought would be necessary for a successful relationship my not be as critical as you think they are. This is a time to be open to new ideas about love and commitment. This is relevant to friendships and family relationships as well as romance.

04/09/2020 -  Making a commitment of some kind is likely for many around this time. You may be thinking of it, working up to it or actually doing it. It may be a romantic commitment but is not limited to this.

03/08/2020 - Some serious plans for the future are being made. This may be with your romantic partner or business partner. It can also relate to the plans made with friends or with the help and advice of friends and family. If you need help then this is the time to reach out and ask for it.

18/07/2020 - Finding compatible people for friendship or romance is not always easy. Many are now finding that person and taking on the challenges that this brings. Others are letting go of incompatible relationships of all kinds and freeing themselves up to build new and more rewarding relationships.

02/11/2019 - Working closely with someone of like mind is in focus for many. For some this has become a very fulfilling reality while others are still waiting for something like this to enter their lives. Those who are waiting can take hope in that all the work they are doing on themselves is taking hold. The rewards for that are many and should start flowing to you soon.

26/07/2019 - Partnerships of all kinds both in business and pleasure are coming into focus. Whatever the circumstances it is important to work with each other and not against each other. If harmony and balance can't be regained or maintained then it is time to dissolve that particular partnership. Those partnerships that are harmonious and balanced will thrive.

06/02/2019 - Two heads are better than one they say so this may be a time when listening to the advice of people you respect can be of help.

29/01/2019 - Some fortunate people are going to meet someone who will bring a loving companionship into their lives. It can also be the recognition that someone you already know is actually the person you have been waiting for, for a long time.

07/01/2019 - The opportunity to collaborate with someone on a project close to your heart is shaping up. This has the potential to lead you down new and exciting pathways in life. Go for it.

18/12/2018 - Friendships grow as you spend more time together relaxing or working on some project that is important to all concerned. For some this friendship deepens into something more. Close co-operation leads to success.

30/03/2018 - Mere acquaintances turning into close friends, existing friendships deepening, close friendships becoming romantic, romance deepening into something lasting and close collaboration with work mates are coming in to play now.

24/08/2017 - Soon you will find yourself working very closely with someone on a project that is close to your heart. This may be one on one or working closely with various people in order to achieve something significant.

02/06/2017 - Don't rely upon yourself alone in some matter that needs your attention. There are those around you who are willing to help you. Working together will bring about success in some way.

18/04/2017 - This is a time where team work comes into focus. This can be in a work situation or within personal relationships. It can even mean the bringing into harmony of inner conflicts that have been holding you back in some area of life.

06/12/2016 - Partnerships are coming into focus. This may be romantic partnerships that are being formed and/or strengthened but can be business related as well. For some it is friendships that are tested and/or become stronger. Working together for a good outcome is also possible.

26/10/2016 - The spirit of co-operation is in the air. This is good news for anyone who has been struggling to achieve things on their own.

21/10/2016 - Now is a good time to seek reconciliation with those you have fallen out with and now would like to get back on good terms with. 

20/09/2016 - It is amazing just how much help there is out there if you know where to look for it. If you find yourself at a loss as to what to do you will find that there are people around you who can help you and will gladly do so.

07/09/2016 - Compatible relationships of all kinds are becoming the reality for many people right now and over the next few months as well. Don't be afraid to take a chance on love and friendship regardless of past hurt and disappointment. Broken family ties can heal for some people at this time too.

04/01/2016 - Looks like many of you will be workjing closely with family and friends to work out the best way forward in some situation. Seek out those people who you feel understand you and your situation and listen to what they have to say. Avoid manipulative and opinionated people who would push you in a direction that you are not compatible with.

16/12/2015 - We are coming into a time when close relationships can be formed and existing ones strengthened. Communication is a key issue involved here. Some relationships that were once very close may now dissolve completely. This is because they are no longer working and should be blessed for the lessons given and then let go.

01/09/2015 - Healing rifts in relationships will be the focus for many people over the coming weeks, with varying degrees of success. You can only do so much and as long as you are satisfied that you have co-operated and compromised fairly then allow the outcome to be whatever it is and make the most of it.

27/04/2015 - The Spirit of Co-operation is the energy signature for the coming months. This is a beautiful energy that assists in bringing people together to solve problems and build better futures. Invite it into the frustrating, angry and obstructive situations you find yourself involved in. Channel it into any projects that can benefit yourself and others. You will get the most out of this energy by being conscious of it. Let it remind you to try co-operation first.

23/01/2015 - Teamwork is coming into focus. Some of you will find yourselves being the peacemakers in some team situation. Others will be pushed into team leadership roles. For some it is the realisation that you cannot achieve something you want to do alone and will need to seek out those who will work with you to bring something to fruition.

09/11/2014 - Partnerships are coming into focus. This can be any kind of partnership from business all the way through to romantic. It is a time where issues that have been smoldering will burst into flame; friendshiips tested; new friends made; romantic and/or business relationships ended, mended or begun; family tensions brought to the surface to be resolved. All in all it can be a very emotional time. It certainly is a very important time, paving the way for positive growth in the future.