10 of Swords

18/03/2021 - If things have not worked out as planned, you feel like you have been betrayed or let down in some way then acknowledge it for what it is and then pick yourself up and decide to move on. It will take time but until you make the decision to let it all go then it only serves to hold you back.

24/12/2020 - This is a time to let go of grudges. It does not mean giving in or being beaten by circumstances. It means claiming your power to be at peace with the past. Not an easy task but it is possible. Where there is a will there is a way.

22/02/2020 - If things have not gone to plan for you then this is a time in which to take a deep, long look at the situation. No matter how badly you feel by this there is a lesson in it that will benefit you by acknowledging it and growing from it.

30/10/2019 - Some of you have been betrayed in some way. Many will not notice this as the people who matter don't believe what is being said. Information concerning this may reach you via the "grapevine" eventually and by then it won't really matter. If you have been hurt by this then don't let it bring you down.

01/07/2019 - Stop assuming the worst in some situation. If things aren't going to plan right now there is a good reason for it even if you can't see it. The long term outlook is very positive. How you get from here to there can be seen as interesting, frustrating or a mix of both. You can let it get to you or you can rise above it. The choice is yours.

16/01/2019 - If plans have failed then don't waste time and energy worrying about it. It has happened to steer you in a different direction in some way so pull yourself together, pick up the pieces and put the puzzle pieces of life together in a different way.

23/04/2018 - Issues stemming from betrayal may come forward. Do not be concerned by this. They have come forward as just one part of your healing process. It does not mean that you have not progressed as far as you thought you had.   

21/12/2017 - Issues to do with betrayal may come forward to be dealt with once and for all. You will get the outcome you deserve. This may be a very emotional time but it can also be a healing time.

15/07/2017 - If things are going wrong for you or go wrong for you in the near future look for the hidden blessings. Everything is actually working out the way it needs to and events will bring balance into your life if you allow them to.

27/05/2017 - You may find yourself in a situation where you have to think on your feet, changing plans at the last minute, finding a different way to achieve something, letting go of a desired outcome. Keep focused on what is really important and you will get through it successfully.

20/04/2017 - Some plans are simply not meant to come to fruition. If you find yourself in the position of having plans go wrong, things not happening as planned or being disappointed in someone or something then try to let it go. Put your energy into what will work, make new plans and try to have realistic expectations of the people and situations in your life.

05/12/2016 - Take heed of this famous saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

28/10/2016 - Some things may not go to plan. This is not the disaster that you fear it is. Step back and let things unfold. The end result should be to your liking.

23/08/2016 - Someone's plans are not going to work out the way they want them to. If this is you then don't feel too bad about it because it is actually preparing the way forward to something better for you. If you are at the mercy of another person's plans then step out of the way while things crash around them, leaving the way forward clear for you.

21/02/2016 - If some of your plans are not going the way you want them to or thought they would then use this as an opportunity to relook at what you intended to do. You may find that you can do things differently and still have a good outcome even if it is a different one.

01/04/2015 - If things are not going to plan and nothing you do seems to make it right then it is time to stop wasting time and effort on something that is clearly not to be. Disappointment and even grief is natural to feel but don't get bogged down in it because there are some very interesting new ideas and opportunities coming up and you don't want to miss them.

02/03/2015 - So, some things may not have worked out the way you hoped they would. Don't waste time on negative feelings and negative people. Salvage what you can and look for a new direction. Make new plans based on what you know now. Some people have shown you that you are best without them while others have proved to be loyal and trustworthy. It is always good to find these things out no matter how hard the experience.

28/04/2014 - If things are not working out the way you planned then don't waste energy blaming others or yourself. This is just the way things are and in among this are the seeds for a wonderful new beginning. You may have to revoloutionise your way of thinking and acting in order to turn things around but you can do this if you put your mind and heart into it.This is not a time to be "the victim" as that will achieve nothing.