10 of Pentacles

18/04/2021 - Time spent contemplating your future will pay off. For some it is discussions with family and/or friends regarding prospects and major changes. Changing or refurbishing things at home and decluttering will free up stagnant energy around your living arrangements.

24/09/2020 - Some will be considering investing in their existing homes. For homeowners this can be renovations, maintenance or both. The garden will be the focus for many. Those renting may focus on those things that make a house a home. There is a lot you can do with you own personal possessions within the walls of your house or out in the garden. This is an opportunity to express your individuality in some way. 

14/08/2020 - Some are putting a lot of thought into what and who they want in their immediate living environment. This may lead to some very important and in some case, unexpected, decisions.

17/07/2020 - Home is where the heart is, so they say. Many of you are realising this and certain decisions will be made that will lead to changes in your home or to your living arrangements. This may be a time of adjustment in relationships and the settling of family disputes. 

16/06/2020 - Doing some home improvements, spending time with family and close friends within your home or theirs will be a highlight for many on and off for quite a few weeks to come. For some this is a time of introspection, searching for the meaning of your life and what it is you need to move forward. 

29/01/2020 - A new way of looking at your domestic arrangements may be called for. In some cases this can involve people moving in or out of your home. In other cases it may simply be a change in how you view your needs for regarding how and where you live your life.

01/01/2020 - Many have come full circle in some life aspect. Now is a time to do something differently so that an outcome more suited to you in life now can manifest. Repeating the choices and actions of the past may cause stagnation so break free from the old ways of thinking and doing.

24/05/2019 - Ongoing issues or tensions in or around your home are about to take a turn for the better.

18/03/2019 - Where there is tension in the home there will be an unexpected solution to the cause of that tension. For others it is time to set things right within your home such as decluttering, renovating or simple maintenance.

18/08/2018 - Some quiet time at home is the reward that many of you will be enjoying over the next few days. For others this card means that no matter where you are or who you are with, you will be feeling at peace within. You may even find that you are the calm in the middle of other people's chaos.

22/05/2018 - In some way your home will be your focus for awhile. This may be because you are undergoing quite a few changes and being home alone allows you time to process and assimilate these changes into your new normal. If you live with others them it is important to have a part of your home where you can meditate, contemplate or simply think and recharge.  

20/04/2018 - Changes to your daily routine may have to be organised to accommodate new activities and new people in your life.   

06/03/2018 - You may be drawn into something important concerning your home or the home of someone you care about. Important decisions will be made and acted upon. This is a very important time for positive progress in any area of personal importance.

05/02/2018 - Our home can be a representation of our Self. Today it is showing us that it is time to get to know our own Self more intimately. Dare to look deeply into those places you have buried deep. Let out those secrets into your consciousness. You do not have to lay them bare for others to see and judge unless you choose to. It is however very beneficial to bring these things up now, face them and process them.

27/01/2018 - Here is that home focus one again. For most it is simply the continuation of what was expressed in the daily reading for 24/01/2018. For some though it brings forward an opportunity to make some changes to their living arrangements.

24/01/2018 - Some will be confined to the home for some reason. Take advantage of this to focus on yourself and what you need the most at the moment. For others it will be their home that needs the attention. The means to do what is necessary will be there when needed so plan with confidence. For a few this simply means that it is time to take care of your physical needs with better eating, exercise and adequate rest.

12/12/2017 - Something around the home comes up for consideration. This may be the right time to go ahead with some plans. If it doesn't feel right then hold off for awhile as timing is important to the success of this.

12/11/2017  - Your focus may be drawn to your home in some way. Preparations for celebrations within your home may become a priority. Getting all those little maintenance jobs attended too will also become important. A busy period is coming up and it is a good idea to have your home in order so that you can get on with other more exciting things.

09/07/2017 - Lots of activity around the home is expected over the coming weeks and months with people sorting and shedding to make way for new energy in their lives. For some it is packing up the old place and unpacking in the new one. Others will get stuck into simple changes around the home or even major renovations.

24/06/2017 - Some people will be spending more time at home than they usually do. This will be wonderful for some people while others will be climbing the walls. If you are a "wall climber" then life is prodding you into looking at something that you are always too busy to focus on.

28/03/2017 - Lots of activity within and around the home is coming soon. Keep plans loose if possible over the next few weeks so you can take advantage of some opportunities that are coming. This involves family, friends and the actual house itself.

07/12/2016 - Many people are going to get some news or information concerning finanaces in general or gaining money. Some will be expecting this while others will be surprised.  

20/11/2016 - Something wonderful concerning your home or within your home and family is about to materialise. Many of you have been expecting and waiting for this while a few will be taken by surprise.   

19/09/2016 - So many things are coming together now that a change for the better has to be felt soon. It will be wonderful to feel a sense of peace within and without for awhile before starting on a new and positive adventure.

07/07/2016 - It is time to cleanse and reorgansie your home, your life and/or your physical/emotional/mental self. You will know what needs attention. It is up to you whether you do this or not. No one can do it for you.

21/04/2016 - Everyone needs their own special space within their home. It is time to consider all your family members, including pets, who share your home and make sure they all have some place that can be their sanctuary. Don't forget about yourself as you are just as important as anyone else. If you live alone it is still a good idea to have a special space that means something to you. A place to recharge, think ,meditate or whatever you need away from where visitors can intrude.

22/03/2016 - You may find that many things revolve around your home over the next few months. People coming and going, renovations and repairs, buying and selling, as well as the various relationship dynamics that go on in the home. It could be a combination of "the good, the bad and the ugly" but when the dust settles there should be a real improvement of some kind.

21/12/2015 - You may seriously look at upgrading your home in the New Year. This may simply be a massive cleanup and rearrangement which gives you an improved look and feel. It can be considering renovations or moving to into a different house altogether.

05/10/2015 - You may find yourself in a situation where you have greater clarity concerning your home, what you want to do with it, where you want it to be, how you want to organise it etc.

02/09/2015 - You may find that you are giving a lot of thought and even talking a lot about your living arrangements. It may be time to change them or rearrange them. Some of you may simply have cause to feel very appreciative of the home you have and feel blessed to have it.

19/08/2015 - If you are feeling the urge to do some deep cleansing in your home or simply rearranging thngs then it is a good idea to make the time to do it. You are picking up on something that you need to do and it will refresh your energy and brighten your outlook.

04/08/2015 - Your home is your sanctuary, your place where you can be yourself, enjoy family times, entertain friends and feel nurtured. For various reasons your home will be a major focus for awhile.

28/06/2015 - Things to do with your home, either current or future will keep you occupied mentally and possibly physically for the next few months. For some this will be constant while for others it will be in spurts.

15/06/2015 - It is all about family so expect to hear from loved ones who are living away from you and perhaps vists too. There may be new additions to the family by way of births, marriages and other relationship connections. Pets can also be included as they are important family members too. This is a positive time of growth, connection and reconnection.

14/04 2015 - Now is the time to get in and make those changes to your home that you have wanted to do for awhile. For some it will be leaving one home for another. There is a sense of achievement in all this and the energy of a new start of some kind. For some it may simply be feeling a greater appreciation for what you have at home by way of people, comfort and security.

24/03/2015 - You don't have to let everyone you meet into your inner circle of friends. It is better to have a small number of true friends you can trust rather than a large number of false friends who are only after what you can do for them. Not everyone who reads this will need to move some people from the inner circle to the outer circle of friends. If someone comes to mind as you read this then it would be wise to be cautious with this person.

12/03/2015 - You may find yourself spending time and money on your home. Minor maintenance done now will save time and money in the long term. Rearranging and refreshing cluttered areas will create the space that will draw in new people and bring back family and friends who seem to have slipped away. None of this requires large expenditures of money but may take a lot of time over a period of weeks. You will benefit in many ways by making the time and effort to freshen up your home.

25/02/2015 - There is something coming up involving neighbours getting together, talking and planning something together. This can be anything from solving a dispute to organising and holding a neighbourhood gathering. There is a lot of interaction and an underlying sense of harmony.

26/01/2015 - Pay attention to family members. There are things going on in their lives that you really would not want to miss out on. If you think that they should be contacting you and they are not perhaps you should contact them. They may have a lot going on right now and would really appreciate you making that effort. It is time to reach out to loved ones.

10/11/2014 - Changes in the home environment are possible now. This can be actually changing the home you live in for something else or simply modifying what you have. Home owners have more scope with these changes. Just make sure that whatever you do is within budget and adds value to your home. Renters can do a lot with furnishings and using rooms for things other than the original purpose. This is quite a creative energy being expressed and what you start now has the potential to keep on and on so maybe think carefully about major renovations and realistic timeframes.