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The 10 Major Chakras

The human energy body has many energy vortexes called Chakras or Psychic Centres. The most commonly known are the seven that roughly follow the spine to the top of the head. There are also other Chakras in the arms, hands, legs, feet and head.

In our articles on the 10 Major Chakras we give some useful exercises. 

Please Note : Do not overdo any of the exercises presented here. In any work with the Chakras it is best and safest to take the gentle and slow approach.

Your main focus should be on balance, harmony and right flow which you will see repeated throughout these exercises.

Do not expect instant results. There is often a delayed reaction and the result that you hope for may come much later.

Generally you will feel a difference if blockages are released but the full beneficial effect may come in gradually after the release.

It is so important to be patient and allow the processes to occur in their own time.

The seven traditional Chakras are as follows:

The additional three Chakras are as follows:

You will probably come across these called by various other names. The names don't matter but their function does.