Unconditional Love

and the Interconnectedness

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What is Unconditional Love? So much is written about it and all sincere spiritual people know that it is the holy grail of spiritual attainment. As we journey on our path we send it to people we want to heal; we send it to people who make us angry; we send it to Mother Earth and so forth. But what are we sending? Do we feel it or do we send it intellectually because we have been taught that we should? We really only have the love that we feel for those we cherish in our lives as a starting point on this journey of discovery to Unconditional Love.

Perhaps you have done it differently but that had been my way up until a few years ago when I was out at a busy local shopping centre. I just looked around at the strangers milling around and suddenly I felt connected to them. In a flash I felt what I could only call Love for them. For a fraction of a second I was one with them and I felt Love. It didn’t matter whether they were good people or not. That part really surprised me at the time. It was that part that made me realise that for the first time in this life I felt Unconditional Love and it was not what I had imagined it to be. That experience changed my whole outlook on what Unconditional Love is.

In the years since that experience I have found that while I am talking to someone I did not particularly like I would suddenly feel such an outpouring of Love for them. It did not alter my personal opinion of them. It did not make me want to have them become a part of my close inner circle of friends but the Love was genuine and had no conditions attached to it. I didn’t decide to give it to them because that is what a spiritual person should do with people you don’t like. It wasn’t my personal decision at all. It just flowed from a higher aspect of me and it was that person’s right to be so loved just as it is my right to be so loved. At the higher level we are all connected and it is from the Interconnectedness that Unconditional Love flows all the time. We just have to attune ourselves to it so that we are aware of it and can consciously be a part of the flow of Unconditional Love.