The Light Body

and the Interconnectedness

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We live our physical lives in our physical body. We can see it and quite often we wish it looked better. We keep comparing it to the physical bodies of other people. Some of us as some stage in life would be fortunate enough to be pleased with how their physical body compared to that of others. Some of us never get to feel that way in this lifetime. All of us will have to come to terms with the aging process that drastically affects the way our physical bodies look and perform.

We have other bodies that we are less aware of than our physical body such as our Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies. I'm going to focus on the Spiritual Body or Light Body. Both the physical and Light bodies utilise the Emotional and Mental bodies when a person is incarnated on the physical plane. That dynamic would form the subject of an article by itself so I won't elaborate here.

Many people talk about the need to take in more light. They have sensed that Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Evolution leading to that point when the final breath is taken in the final life has something to do with increasing Light. Don't confuse this Light with what comes from a light bulb or even the Sun although it is connected on a spectrum.

When we talk of the interconnectedness of the all that is we are talking of the realm of Light that is beyond the physical limits of light though all light is connected on the one spectrum. You experience the Interconnectedness with your Light Body as that body is part of the Limitless Light of existence. To have an awareness of that Interconnectedness requires your mental body to register the experience of your Light Body just like your mind registers the experiences of your physical body. This mental registration evokes an emotional response that your mind then must translate to something you can comprehend from your limited physical experience.

Our Light Bodies are in a constant state of Interconnectedness, one with all others. Our physical consciousness could not cope with that level of expanded awareness so we get glimpses of that oneness in meditation. As we grow spiritually those glimpses are more frequent and translate into our daily lives as a change in awareness to life, all living things and those things we would not have previously considered to have life.