and the Interconnectedness

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The Path of Service is the one on which we build up our Light Body in strength. In seeking to be of Service to humanity we are led to those who can benefit from what we have to offer. In giving of ourselves to others we learn from their experiences just as much as we learn from our own. It is in this way that we experience the Interconnectedness without realising that this is what we are doing. It is because of our interconnectedness that we can learn from the experience of others without having to have that same experience.

All sincere travelers on the Spiritual Path develop a strong inclination to help others. At first we may be overzealous in wanting to “save” others by convincing them that our way is the best way. Sometimes we are too eager to do things for people and therefore don’t allow them to develop their own skills. Over time, we grow as Spiritual Beings and come to understand that there are many paths to the same destination. The one Spiritual Path is made up of many. 

When considered in the framework of many lifetimes we have walked most of them at some time. Therefore we realise that what is working for us now may not work for everyone right now so we back off and allow people to explore their own chosen Spiritual Path. 

This is when it gets interesting as we can share experiences from different paths and still learn in our own unique way, together. 

The greatest  Service we can do for someone is to honour their journey by encouraging them to grow spiritually in their own way. We can draw on our past life experiences to empathise with people who are growing on a different path to our own. This past life experience is part of the Interconnectedness and therefore we should also be able to draw from the past life experience of others.