and the Interconnectedness

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Sooner or later in our spiritual studies we come across the principle of “energy follows thought”. We can take that principle and use it to mentally create something that we want. In doing this we create a thought-form that holds the idea of what we want to achieve. This is a good starting point but there are a lot of other spiritual principles that come into play as well.  Karma and Free Will are two of them. 

Whether we like it or not we live in a Universe that works according to Cosmic Laws that relate to all levels of existence. This explains why some things we put a lot of mental, emotional and physical energy into simply do not work out for us while others do. The more we come to understand these laws the more successful we become at manifesting what we want. That success is not based on our personal power so much as the fact that we have adjusted our desires to match what our Soul knows we need rather than what our personality self wants.

While we are on our journey to becoming in harmony with Cosmic Law we can make a lot of thought-forms that can be quite harmful to ourselves and others on various levels.  These thought-forms are usually animated by the strong selfish emotions we felt as we consciously or unconsciously created them. 

To many psychics they appear as negative entities that are attached to us. When these so called entities are detached from us without being dissolved they are set loose into the interconnectedness that we are all a part of. They will be drawn to other thought-forms with similar negative energy thus creating groups of thought-form entities. These groups will be attracted to people who have an energy that is compatible with them and they will feed on and be fed by those individuals. They appear to have a life of their own but they are in fact, lifeless. That does not make them any less detrimental to the well being of the person they have attached to.  However, knowing what they really are should be of assistance in dissolving them and preventing their creation in the first place.

The positive side to this is that we can consciously create positive thought-forms that are harmless or innocent of causing harm such as Love, peace and healing. You can direct these to specific people and places or you can take advantage of the Interconnectedness of all that is and simply release them to go to where they are most needed. 

To be a truly harmless creator you should consciously add a quality to these positive thought-forms so that they are recognised for what they are and not mistaken for entities. To practice Innocence/Harmlessness you should be mindful of your thought creations and dissolve all those you realise have the potential  for harm before they have a chance to enter into the interconnectedness.